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  Seeds and Thorns (2007-2011)

Reading and drawing have always been my passions and my particular love for poetry had a great impression on my work. I treat a line in a linocut as a line in a verse - both should be sharp and precise. Like a short piece of poetry can say more with less words than a long novel, a graphic image, laconic and powerful, can convey much "on a limited budget". Uniting strong concepts and expressive graphics, I create visual metaphors with multiple layers of meaning.

Natalia Moroz, from Artist Statement

  Men of Letters (2003-2011)
  Orange Canvas Shoes... (2010)
  October (2010)
  Poetic Tarot (2009-2010)
  Touched by Snow (2008-2010)
  In the Cinema (2008)
  August (2008)
  Left Alone (2008)
  White Tulips (2008)
  Blossom (2008)
  Family Album (2004-2008)
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