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Apocalypse Series (2002)

The Black Horse


The Third Angel Sounded

This is my illustration
seven pieces series
to the Book of Revelation
(also known as Apocalypse),
the Bible's most mysterious
and exciting book which
foretells the end of the world.

"And the third angel sounded:
And the great star fell from heaven,
burning like a torch,
and it fell on a third of the rivers
and on the springs of water;
and the name of the star
is Wormwood...." (Rev. 8:10,11)

The image area of each print
is about 7.5" x 10.75"
and paper size is 10.5" x13.5".
Printed on smoth finish white
paper with oil based printing ink.

The Number of the Beast

The Fiery Red Horse

Living Creatures Full of Eyes

The Pale Horse


Lamps of Fire


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