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Distorted World (2005)

Distortion of Personality

Distortion of Memory

Distortion of Time

Distortion of Space

Distortion of Thoughts

In my Distorted World series
I visualized the idea of the non-linear
world through the concepts of
self-perception, memory, time, and space.

Theway we know ourselves is very
different from the way we perceived
by others. So, self-understanding is like
diving into deep waters of subconscious:
objects change shapes and proportions,
memories and ideas warp, and the space
curls up. When we try to fish out an elusive
recollection, the net of memory
entangles and brings out the rubbish
of small insignificant details.

Each composition in the series has
an element which opens into the void -
there always seems to be a way
out, but no one can escape from the
cage of time and space.

Natalia Moroz - Gallery ©