Lev Moroz is a 17 year old artist. Growing up in a family of artists (Natalia Moroz and Sergey Zhiboedov) he learns a lot just by being around. Lev started doing linocuts when he was 13 and proved to have a good eye for graphics. He likes animals and tries to depict them in their natural environment. Lev is also interested in Medieval knights and armor. Now his portfolio includes over a dozen of linocuts. During the summer of 2009, Lev worked on the new series of linocuts based on his high school experience. Lev's artworks have been purchased by collectors in the US, Japan, Netherlands, Australia, and New Zealand.
Recently, Lev started taking part in art festivals and did these two shows:
Pineville Fall Fest, October 18, 2008, Pineville, NC - Merit Award
Autumn Treasures, October 11-12, 2008, Waxhaw, NC

Wonder what Lev is up to now?
Check out his blog asktheguardponies.tumblr.com

On the photo: Lev cutting his "Fighting a Dragon" linocut. Summer 2008.


In His Element (2010)

8"x10". Lev's most recent work - July 2010

Untitled (2010)


School Cafeteria (2009)


Hot Potato (2009)


Afternoon Bus (2009)


Anywhere But Here (2009)


Leaving the Basket (2008)


Fighting a Dragon (2008)

8"x10". A companion piece with "Victory" (2007)

Fish Friends (2008)


Fish Foes (2008)


Bird-feeder Siege (2008)

6"x8". Lev saw squirrels trying to get seeds from a bird-feeder - on his backyard and thought it was very funny.

Two River Otters (2008)

6"x7.75". Two years later after his first linocut "An Otter and his Fish", Lev makes another linocut featuring otters

A Lonely Coyote (2008)


Lynxes at the Waterhole (2007)


Victory (2007)

6"x8". This linocut was inspired by visiting the Medieval Arms and Armor Hall in The Metropolitan Museum of Art in New York City.

Great Horned Owl's Nest II (2007)

6"x7.75". using the plate for "Great Horned Owl's Nest", Lev printed another, 3 color version

Great Horned Owl's Nest (2007)


Second Breakfast (2007)

6"x7.75". This is Lev's first reduction linocut

Sunbathing Lizards (2007)


Squeaking Squirrels (2006)


An Otter and his Fish (2006)


P-51 Mustangs (2006)

5"x7.8". One of Lev's first linocuts.

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